La entrada de hoy tiene que ver con las condicionales, a mis alumnos es algo que le ha costado mucho trabajar, al menos la 2ª y 3ª condicional les traía de cabeza.

Aquí os adjunto una tabla y además unos ejercicios mezclados. Espero que os guste 😉


  1. Comienzan con if o unless = “si no”, “a menos que”, “a no ser que”: He’ll be upset if you don’t talk to him at once. (if + verbo negativo = unless + verbo positivo)
  2. Cuando la oración comienza por la proposición introducida por if, ésta normalmente va seguida de una coma (,): If I knew her number, I’d phone her.





First conditional (probable)

Present simple

Will + verb ( = ‘ll + verb) Modal (can, may,…) + Verb


Present simple (para indicar resultados habituales o automáticos)

– If I don’t hurry up, I’ll miss my first class.

– If I am late, I may call a taxi.

– Don’t say anything unless you know what you’re talking about.

– Water boils if it reaches 100oC.

Second conditional (improbable)

Past simple

Would + verb (= ‘d + verb)

Modal (could, might,…) + Verb

– If I won a million pounds, I would travel around the world.

– He’d tell her if he knew the truth.

– If it stopped raining, we could go out.

Third conditional (impossible)

Past Perfect

Would ( = ‘d) + have + Past perfect

Modal (could, might,…) + have + past perfect

– If you had told us, we would have helped you.

– If the weather hadn’t been so bad, we might have gone out.


  1. I would have read the letter if I ____________________ (know) it was from you.
  2. If Tony doesn’t help in the garden I ____________________ (not finish) my work in time.
  3. If you ____________________ (not tell ) me about Maxwell’s birthday I would forget it.
  4. We _________________________ (catch) the train earlier if Mary had found her purse.
  5. If Susan ____________________ (learn) the poem she would have known the answer.
  6. If it ____________________ (be) too hot we will stop and get a cold drink.
  7. If it ____________________ (not rain) today I would stay it home.
  8. If the Professor spoke clearly we __________________________ (understand) him better.
  9. If you go on talking like that we ____________________ (throw) you out.
  10. If Sasha ____________________ (go) home now he would meet his own brother.
  11. If it rained , the streets ____________________ (be) wet.
  12. If I ____________________ (not tell) Jim the address he wouldn’t have found you.
  13. The bird ___________________________ (die) if you had caught it.
  14. What ____________________ (you, do) if you won the lottery ?
  15. If the weather ____________________ (not change) we will reach the top of the mountain.
  16. Dinner ____________________ (be) fine if the meat weren’t cold.
  17. I’m sure Benny ____________________ (come) if you wait a bit longer.
  18. If you ring the bell, somebody ____________________ (answer) it.
  19. If Bert ____________________ (see) you, he would have talked to you.
  20. You ____________________ (find ) your ticket if you had looked into your pockets.
  21. You ____________________ (fall) ill if you eat so much.
  22. What ____________________ (happen) if the door had not been opened?
  23. If Chris asked you for a cigarette, __________________________ (you, give) him one?
  24. If you ____________________ (buy) that big car, you would need a lot of money.
  25. ____________________ (You, change) the colour of your hair if I asked you to do so ?
  26. If you give me the letter, I ____________________ (post) it for you .
  27. ____________________________ (You, post) the letter if I had given it to you?
  28. If the weather is fine, I ____________________ (go) swimming.
  29. If you____________________ (not work) harder, you won’t pass the exam.
  30. If they ____________________ (be) rich, they would travel around the world.
  31. The children ____________________ (go) skating if the lake were frozen.
  32. What would you have done, if you ____________________ (lose) your handbag?
  33. What will happen if you ____________________ (not know) the answer?
  34. She ____________________ (go) on holiday, if she hadn’t been ill.
  35. If I ____________________ (notice) you, I would have said hello.
  36. If I ____________________ (be) like you, I wouldn’t watch such films.
  37. If you opened your eyes, you____________________ (see) a wonderful world.
  38. People ____________________ (live) in peace if they stop fighting.
  39. If Tom drinks so much,he _____________________________ (cannot drive) home.
  40. If we ____________________ (not hurry) we would miss the train.
  41. He ____________________ (not spend) so much money if he weren’t a happy person.
  42. ____________________________ (You, come ) , if you had had more time ?
  43. If Jim ____________________ (study) the new words he would have got a better mark.
  44. If he were rich, he ____________________ (buy) the house.
  45. If you don’t hurry you ____________________ (be) late.
  46. If it wasn’t so hot, we ____________________ (play) football.
  47. If I ____________________ (be) ill, would you visit me?
  48. If Sean ____________________ (not be) driving so fast, the police would not have stopped him.
  49. If I had sold my house, I ____________________ (get) 4 million pounds.
  50. If I ____________________ (be) you I would I would do it.

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